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Welcome! I’m Gifty… A proud Ghanaian-American Model with dreams of one day becoming Dr. Gifty Boakye. I’m currently getting my bachelors in science majoring in psychology with a minor in business and communications. With this I want to go on and get my masters in psych and research anorexia and bulimia.

I’m excited that you’re  here visiting my page, and hope you take away a message. At 18 years old I made my move to New York City, to unravel Gods fruitful plan for me. Since the start of my career as a fashion model I have worked with world renowned photographer Nigel Barker, Project Runway’s Korto Momulu, and house name Moncler Grenoble.

There isn’t greater feeling that being comfortable with your self. For me,I love the skin I’m in, my chocolate limbs and deep features are parted that make me who I am, Gifty. With these gifts, I continue to strive for the Top Model title in the fashion industry. Modeling is my heart and passion and I want to share with you that being a model is a powerful position.

I am not simply a walking mannequin but instead I’ve been blessed to be put in a light that I hope others will see. I am a leader and an advocate for beauty inside and out. I want to teach women that see me that my beauty means nothing if I do not believe in myself and my ability to uplift the next person. There are many beautiful faces but I encourage everyone to  accept who they are, embrace age, value education and help another person reach their goals, as well as your own. Remember that life is a journey, not a destination, keep faith and believe in your dreams.

I am also a blogger and I hope that I can inspire many people with my non fashion model related contributions in this site’s blog. Visits to my portfolio and your feedback is appreciated.

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